This series was for a small group setting that centered around discussion. These meditations were to prime the pump. The names of the meditations are in Hebrew because I was doing a Hebrew tutorial at the time and was trying to practice. The goal was to break down the notion of a sharp division between we Christians call the Old and New Testaments. The emphasis being that the notion of the relationship between God and Man has actually not changed, at least from God's perspective. Man, if he is to consider God at all, seems to want a religion rather than a relationship. God, on the other hand, is striving for fellowship.

Title Scripture Topic
Bereishis Gen 1.1;
John 1.1-5;
John 1.16-18
God is God & created the world and all things in it
Yetzer Ra Gen 3.1-13 Fellowship with God broken

Mark 12.28-34
Deuteronomy 6.4-5

The Greatest commandment requires a relationship with God
Noach Gen 6.5-12 Noah found grace... Walked with God
Lekh Lekha Gen. 12.1-9;
I Peter 2.10
Abraham - Called to relationship
HaShem Exodus 3.1-15 The ineffable name

Exodus 4.29-31;
Exodus 13.20-22;
Exodus 33.1-6

God must lead

Numbers 22-25

Beware of the seduction of this world

I Samuel 13.5-14

Religion, magic or relationship

Micah 6.1-8

What does the LORD require of you?

John 12.42

They believed but did not follow him.