Material on the Biblical text and Bible stories. 

The history of the Israelites as they try to live under the Law.

Wisdom literature does not tell the history or bring a message to the poeple of a particular time, this division contains devotional material like the Psalms, advice like Proverbs and allegories like sSong of Songs. 

These are the so called writing prophets.

These books are called Duterocanonical by the Roman Church.

Translations and manuscript traditions.

Comparisons of the Canons of different groups that identify themselves as Christians.

This is an eclectic division that contains material on the organized church its history
and doctrines. Also Church Tradition and liturgical practices.

The Writings of the Church Fathers

Articles that support the Middle ages time line

Church reformers prior to the Reformation

Those who are considered leaders in the Protestant Reformation.

Articles taht realte to Reformed Theology.

Articles on varius aspects of Church tradition.

words about Liturgical and secular calendars

Words about our western calendars. 

Catechisms and articles about catechism

Some of the ancien Church Orders

Various prayers and features of the Mass, the main Eucharistic liturgical service in many forms of Western Christianity.

The term Mass is commonly used in the Catholic Church, and in the Western Rite Orthodox, and Old Catholic churches. The term is used in some Lutheran churches, as well as in some Anglican churches. The term is also used, on rare occasion, by other Protestant churches who generally use worship service (and often just "service"), rather than the word Mass. Many services in the protestant churches do not include the Eucharist.

The Eastern Orthodox employ terms such as Divine Service, Divine Liturgy, Holy Qurbana, Holy Qurobo and Badarak.

World Religion timeline and supporting articles

Stories of Nimrod

Indian Religions

Articles on Judaism

Articles on Islam

Articles about and excertps from the Qur'an

Collection of Creation Stories from various traditions.

This collection of Meditations does not fit neatly into the Bible Section of this site.  They were composed for various prayer meetings and short format study groups.

These are supporting articles that may be reference materials that support other articles and may not make alot of sense on their own. 

Tables and Charts related to the Bible story, especially the poeples and tribes.

Support Articles for History and Church History sections.

This category contains copies of important documents that support the religion time line and the Church History section.

A collection of articles about Greek and Roman philosophers

Overview of the Roman Emperors and details on selected Roman Emperors

Religious persecutions of the Roman Empire

Historical notes on the nation of Israel

Articles associated with the history of Jerusalem

History and traditional religion of Egypt.

The history of political Islam.

Articles about Christian and other Religious traditions - not the theological core.