This site will always be under construction and it will probably always represent an only slightly organized collection of random topics or perhaps a personal journey as I wonder through various topics like religion, the Bible, Church history (and history generally). I am self educated in this space, I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering. I had a 20 year career in engineering and a 20 year career in human resources. Thorough much of that time I taught adult Sunday school classes and was on the preaching rotation at various churches. This site began as a way of organizing my various lesson notes and handouts. When the internet was beginning I began using it for my lesson preparation and was inspired by sites like

The site started as hand coded HTML and moved to FrontPage and now to Joomla. I am currently converting old material from the older formats with mixed results. There are links that connect some of the sections that have not yet been converted with some rather odd results. If you find yourself on the old FrontPage site you will need to use the back button on your browser to get back to the Joomla side.

Part of this wandering is picking my way through both a new tool and old material in various formats. There is much more in the old material to be cleaned up than I thought. Hopefully what has made it to the site is worthy of your consideration. 

Year Major event 
2003  Hand Coded HTML at later migrated to FrontPage
2006 FrontPage based site at
2013 Began conversion to Joomla at  
2020 Registered domain moved Joomla based site to new host. (Much of the old page is still up.)